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Kopersteden 24-6
7547 TK Enschede

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About Keenondots

Keenondots is customer-focused cloud and managed services provider delivering the best solutions to our reseller network and corporate clients. Regardless of size, ranging from large multinationals to local IT-solution providers, our clients count on our highly personal and service-oriented approach.

At Keenondots, we strive to build strong and lasting relationships. We accomplish this by having a relentlentless commitment to doing our job well and delivering great products to our resellers and customers. This is captured in our core values and in being detailed… down to the last dot.

Core values

The root of our success, and everything we do, is captured in our core values: personal, flexible and skillful.

We believe a great business relationship at its core is personal. It is important to us to be trustworthy and dependable. This means our partners and clients receive individual customer care and service. There is no request too small; we actually encourage you to ask!

We recognize that each of our clients and partners are different. Your unique challenges means that your solution should be customized to your needs. Working proactively with our customers to deliver the right service means that we need to be flexible. Your business is 24 hours and if you need us to help you outside of ‘office hours’, we are there for you.

Our customers rely on our expertise to provide them leadership in cloud and managed services. We are continuously developing-and deepening-our knowledge of our business, new technologies and the skills of everyone the company. Having the vision and understanding how to translate emerging trends allows us to provide complete solutions to our clients.

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  • Back-up und Storage
  • Überwachung und Sicherung
  • Externe Anwendungen
  • Hosting und Co-Location
  • Internet
  • Kopplung von Standorten



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